Loanetik, a Loan Origination System (LOS)


Loanetik is the next generation Loan Origination System (LOS) platform. The platform is web based and support native cloud services. It was conceived to digitally incorporate the entire life-cycle of a loan comprising of loan origination, disbursement, recovery, audit, compliance, management reporting, admin panel etc. on both UI and Tablet platform. Loanetik's architect was carefully designed keeping in view the futuristic needs for Flexibility, Integrability and Scalability. It features explicit layering, modular approach and distributed databases. These, in turn, enable Loanetik to provide cutting-edge customer service, an increased marginal product of labor, and unprecedented management capabilities.

Loanetik offers a bundle of robust, secure and modern tools needed to operate and manage business operations with both efficiency and ease. Loanetik is equipped with various built-in tools and ability to integrate with other applications in order to overcome a wide array of root level challenges.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Real time Sales Management
  • Customer churn
  • Client Retention
  • Automated loan recovery / collection methods etc.

Loanetik's ability to integrate with our client's existing components empowers Loanetik to adapt and scale to every environment: be it micro or macro.

In doing so, Loanetik has the potential to substantially shape the future of lending across Retail, Corporate and Islamic sectors encompassing both microfinance and financial service organizations. loanetik is dedicated to cater the ever-growing needs of a thriving business. It provides prompt management reporting amalgamated with the help of Business intelligence (BI) tools which essentially make Loanetik the top choice for a proactive management.

Loanetik is backed by a competent team of IT professionals having a vast 20+ years of successful development experience. They have played pivotal roles in delivering real time, game-changing IT solutions to wide range of business segments and industries.

Why chose Loanetik, because;